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Uutisia ja analyyseja ICEJ:lta (4.3.2011)


"Matt 5:10  Autuaita ovat ne, joita vanhurskauden tähden vainotaan, sillä heidän on taivasten valtakunta."

"Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:10

Suomalaisen kääntäjän (RS) Raamatun säe tähän esipuheeksi:

Matt 10:23  "Ja kun teitä vainotaan yhdessä kaupungissa, paetkaa toiseen; sillä totisesti minä sanon teille: te ette ehdi loppuun käydä Israelin kaupunkeja, ennenkuin Ihmisen Poika tulee."  -- Olisiko tässä Israelin Messiaanisilla edessä pakeneminen paikkakunnalta toiselle, joka olisi Jeesuksen oman ennustuksen toteutuminen ja pikaisen tulon/tempauksen merkkinä?  -- Katso alempana toinenkin kommentti Kvartetin tulevasta Pariisin kokouksesta 15.3.2011.  --  'Pojat' ei taida muistaa, miten käy Jerusalemin ja Israelin maan jakajille: Sak.12. ja Jooel 3.

Viimeisimpiä uutisia (4.3.2011)

Israelilaiset uskovat huolissaan anti-Messiaanisesta ärsytyskampanjasta

Messiaaniset Juutalaiset Israelissa ovat hädissään uudesta kiihoitus aallosta heidän yhteisöään vastaan, joka äskettäin käynnistettiin ultra-Orthodoxien kampanjassa Ashdodissa. Siinä paikallinen päärabbi vertasi heitä Hitleriin ja lentolehtiset kuuluttivat heidän karkoittamistaan Israelista. Caleb Myers, huomattava Messiaaninen Juutalainen laki-asianajaja, vaati tällä viikolla, että Ashdodin poliisin  pitäisi avata virallinen tutkimus Ashdodin Askenaasi Päärabbia Yosef Sheinin'iä vastaan tämän kiihottavan puheen johdosta n. 1000 haredi (usk.) mielenosoittajille, Helmikuun 22.p. Rabbi Sheinin sanoi, että toisin kuin ennen, Kristityt eivät voi enempää käyttää veri häväistyksiä Juutalaisia vastaan ja nyt tekevät sitä keksimällä uuden uskonnon - Jeesukseen uskovat Juutalaiset. "He haluavat lopullista ratkaisua, [kuten] mitä Hitler halusi, mutta heillä ei ole tuhon välineitä, joten he menevät hävittämisen välineillä," hän syytti Ynetnews'in raportin mukaan. Aktivistit yhdessä Yad L'Achim anti-missionäärisen ryhmän kanssa jakoivat lentolehtisiä kampanjassa, syyttäen Messiaanisia pyrkimyksistä "käännyttää meidät kaikki [siirtää jokainen] jälki Israelin kansasta...Kun taas Hamas haluaa meidän maamme, he haluavat meidän sielumme."  Pmfleteissa vaadittiin, että Israel tulee olla  puhdistettu kaikista sellaisista "Missionääreistä." Kampanjan järjestäjät lupasivat samanlaisia protesteja maanlaajuisesti tulevina viikkoina. Myers,  pääasianajaja Jerusalem Institute of Justice-organisaatiossa, väittää, että Rabbi Sheinin ja muut kampanjaan osallistuneet rikkovat Israelin lakeja banderollien kiihotuksella rasismiin ja väkivaltaan.

Ashdod Mayor (MAOZ)Israeli Believers alarmed at campaign of anti-Messianic incitement

Messianic Jews in Israel are alarmed over a new wave of incitement against their community launched at a recent ultra-Orthodox rally in Ashdod at which the local chief rabbi compared them to Hitler and fliers called for their expulsion from Israel. Calev Myers, a prominent Messianic Jewish legal advocate, insisted this week that Ashdod police should open an official investigation against the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Ashdod, Yosef Sheinin, for his inflammatory speech to some 1,000 haredi protesters on February 22nd. Rabbi Sheinin said that unlike in the past, Christians can no longer use blood libels against the Jews and now do it by inventing a new religion - Jewish believers in Jesus. "They want a final solution, [like] what Hitler wanted, but they have no tools of destruction, so they go with the tools of annihilation," he charged, according to a report on Ynetnews. Activists with the anti-missionary group Yad L'Achim also distributed fliers at the rally accusing Messianics of seeking to "convert us all and [remove any] trace of the people of Israel... While Hamas wants our land, they want the soul." The pamphlets urged that Israel be purged of all such "missionaries." The rally organizers promised similar protests nationwide in coming weeks. Myers, chief counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, contends that Rabbi Sheinin and others involved in the campaign are violating Israeli laws banning incitement to racism and violence.


Netanyahu (GETTY)Netanyahu preparing to make major policy address in DC

CBS numbers refute reports of West Bank building boom

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly holding discussions with lawmakers in Washington to prepare a new diplomatic initiative during an address to the US Congress in May.


 Gadaffi (AFP)Libyan civil war grows as West calls for no-fly zone

Arab governments hope 'Marshall Plan' quells anger

Forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi pounded targets in the rebel held eastern half of the country on Friday, even as the International Criminal Court issued notice that Gadaffi will be held accountable.

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News in Brief

Oppression in Iran (GRAPHIC)Families of Iranian opposition leaders face harassment
The family of Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi reported on Thursday that they have been unable to make contact with their parents, despite assurances from senior judiciary officials that they have not been jailed but are in fact still at home under house arrest. "We read the news that our parents are not under house arrest and they are not prisoners... which meant that we, their children, can see them," said a letter posted on an opposition website. "But this was not the case." On Wednesday, Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi dismissed as "a sheer lie" reports that Mousavi and fellow opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi and their wives had been arrested and imprisoned. Meanwhile, Radio Free Europe has reported that the families of several other opposition figures have been harassed and even imprisoned in recent days amid a growing crackdown on dissent in the Islamic Republic.

Palestinian assassin Sirhan Sirhan rejected by parole board 

Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian Christian who assassinated Senator Robert F. Kennedy as he was campaigning for President in California on June 5, 1968, failed to convince a parole board that he should be released from prison on Wednesday. Sirhan, now 66, told the board at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga that "every day of my life, I have great remorse and deep regret," but also claimed that he didn't remember firing the shots that killed Kennedy and wounded five others. "You have made statements that someone set you up, the CIA set you up, the DA set you up. Everything that occurred in a negative way to you, you say it was someone else's fault," said one member of the parole board. "We believe you minimize your conduct."

Progress made in missile defense plans  
Patriot Missile Defense battery (US DOD Photograph)
Even as Israeli defense officials have continued to warn of the existential threat from the enormous arsenal of ballistic missiles pointed at Israel by its regional enemies, the Lockheed Martin defense corporation announced on Thursday that its PAC-3 air defense system has completed its second successful test, as the project manager promised that the defensive system will soon be available for export to US allies. In related news, the first step in a planned NATO missile defense system, which will reportedly also include Israel, will be initiated next week when the Aegis equipped USS Monterey will become the first ship to begin permanent patrols in the Mediterranean dedicated to missile defense. "The ballistic missile threat is real, and it's now," said John F. Plumb, the Pentagon's principal director for nuclear and missile defense policy. "[Iran] continues to pursue more and greater capabilities. We need to have a way not only to deter them from using them, but also if deterrence fails to be able to intercept their missiles."


Israel still facing a dire water shortage

Despite heavy February rains reported by the Water Authority, Israel has received just 62% of an average winter's rainfall so far this year, with most of the rainy months already past. Water levels remain lower in the Yarkon-Tanimin basin, the Western Galilee basin and the Kinneret than at this time last year. In the midst of a series of below-average years of rainfall, the government approved an emergency plan in February to produce more water through artificial means. Part of this emergency plan, the expansion of the Palmahim desalination plan was authorized earlier this week by the National Planning and Building Council and three more desalination plants are also to be built over the next three years.


Giuliani (Wikipedia)Giuliani visits Israel amid Presidential rumors

During his recent visit to Israel, former New York mayor and potential Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani called on US President Barak Obama "to be more supportive of Israel" and rejected suggestions of Israeli responsibility for the stagnation in the peace process. In an interview with Channel 10, scheduled to be aired on Saturday, Giuliani said that "the ball is in the Palestinians domain to solve this problem." Giuliani is the latest potential Republican presidential hopeful to visit Israel, although he has not yet confirmed that he will run for US president in 2012.


Israel narrowly avoids weekend power outages

On Thursday, the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) asked for and received permission from Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan to use polluting fuel and diesel oil on Saturday instead of natural gas. With no gas flowing from Egypt, the IEC was concerned it would not be able to meet demand over the weekend. The IEC confirmed that "with the permit, the utility would be able to meet demand this weekend, and there was no longer a likelihood of power outages" in the hopes that the supply of natural gas from Egypt would resume.


Dutch Marines captured in Libya

Heliborne marines (USN)Meanwhile, three Dutch Marines and their helicopter were captured by forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gadaffi on Sunday as they attempted to rescue trapped civilians in the Gadaffi stronghold of Sirte. The Dutch government announced on Thursday that it has been in contact with the men and is in intense negotiations to secure their freedom, adding that two civilians also captured during the incident have been released. On Wednesday, Gadhafi warned Western powers against intervening in the chaos enveloping Libya, vowing to turn it into "another Vietnam," and that any foreign troops coming into his country "will be entering hell and they will drown in blood."


Setbacks Trigger Iranian Nuclear-Safety Concerns

Robert Tait, Radio Free Europe

Repeated delays in the opening of a showpiece Iranian nuclear reactor are triggering concerns over Tehran's ability to safely run a civilian nuclear-power plant without the risk of a catastrophic accident.

Read more by clicking HERE


The 'New Middle East' is upon us

Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post

A new Middle East is upon us and its primary beneficiary couldn't be happier. In a speech Monday in the Iranian city of Kermanshah, Iranian Revolutionary Guards' Politburo Chief Gen. Yadollah Javani crowed, "Iran's pivotal role in the New Middle East is undeniable. Today the Islamic Revolution of the Iranian nation enjoys such a power, honor and respect in the world that all nations and governments wish to have such a ruling system."

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Headlines  -- Tässä alla mm. Netanjahu suunnittelee uutta diplomaattista aloitetta US:n Congressille toukokuussa. Mukana myös tärkeässä US:n juutalaisjärjestöjen AIPAC'in konferenssissa.

Kvartetti Pariisiin Maaliskuun 15. Aiheuttaa huolta Israelissa, koska mukana 'kova ykkösketju' :
US:n Hillary Clinton, - EU:sta:Catherine Ashton, - Venäjä: Sergei Lavrov, - YK:sta  Ban Ki-moon. Pelon aiheena PA-valtion tunnustamiseen tähtäävät neuvottelut. Israel on joutumassa nurkkaan kv-yhteisössä.

Netanyahu (GETYT)Netanyahu preparing to make major policy address in DC

CBS numbers refute reports of West Bank building boom


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly holding discussions with lawmakers in Washington to prepare a new diplomatic initiative during an address to the US Congress in May. The Prime Minister's Office is expected to request that Quartet representatives refrain from making any major statements of new ideas until then.


Netanyahu will be in Washington for the annual conference of AIPAC, which is scheduled to start May 22, and Netanyahu reportedly discussed the possibility of a Congressional address with visiting White House senior adviser Dennis Ross on Thursday. The idea for a major new Israeli policy announcement reportedly originated with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who believes it is necessary to fend of charges that Israel is to blame for the stalemate in negotiations with the Palestinians.


Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama held a meeting with US Jewish leaders on Tuesday, telling them that the current upheaval in the Middle East is an opportunity to move forward with the Middle East peace process, while assuring them of his support for Israel retaining major settlement blocs, especially around Jerusalem, in any future peace deal. Several European leaders have informed their Israeli counterparts in recent days that the consensus is that Israel must solve its conflict with the Palestinians in order to take away a major source of motivation for radical Moslems, especially as secular leaders in key countries have recently been overthrown or weakened and can no longer be counted on to maintain the status quo.


Another issue of concern is a meeting of senior Quartet representatives on March 15 in Paris, to be attended by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon. Israeli officials are worried that the meeting could result in a statement of support for a Palestinian State along the 1967 lines, which would make it far more difficult for Israel to negotiate over the issue of settlements and would all but rule out a continued Israeli security presense along the Jordan River, something bother Barak and Netanyahu have declared is an absolute necessity in light of recent events in the Arab World.


To watch a short video about this issue, click HERE


House being built in a Jewish West Bank settlement (UPI)In related news, Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics released data on Thursday illustrating a dramatic 72% decrease in housing starts in settlements from 2009 to 2010. The number of new starts, 541, is the lowest in since the late 1970s. The numbers cast serious doubt on claims by many Leftist NGOs that there is a boom in Jewish building in the West Bank. The release of the numbers came on the same day that 19 out of the 27 Likud MK's in the government called for an increase in the pace of new contstruction.


"Netanyahu feels that he is alone, under pressure from Obama and the world, but he is not," said YESHA council director-general Naftali Bennett. "The entire government, the entire Likud and the overwhelming majority of Israelis are telling Netanyahu: Just build already."


Finally, the IDF reported on Friday that 61 terrorist attacks, including rocket and mortar fire, were directed at Israel from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in February, 2011, down from 83 in January.


To see a report about rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza, click HERE

Gadaffi (AFP)Libyan civil war grows as West calls for no-fly zone

Arab governments hope 'Marshall Plan' quells anger


Forces loyal to Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi pounded targets in the rebel held eastern half of the country on Friday, even as the International Criminal Court issued notice that Gadaffi will be held accountable.


Elsewhere, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez announced late Thursday that Gaddafi has agreed to his proposal to send a team of international mediators to arrange talks aimed at ending the violence, but the idea has already been rejected by rebel leaders and the Arab League has also temporized that the idea, while having merit, is only the beginning of a discussion.


"The US and the entire world continues to be outraged by the appalling violence against the Libyan people," US President Barak Obama told reporters at the White House Thursday, adding that "Gaddafi has lost the legitimacy to lead, and he must leave."


The US, UK and France are reported to have reached agreement on the principle of setting up a no-fly zone over Libya to protect people from being attacked by Gadaffi, and plans on implementation are being worked on.


Elsewhere in the Arab world, Shi'ite in Saudi Arabia's oil rich eastern provinces staged peaceful protests in two towns on Thursday, voicing various grievances against the government but so far not explicitely calling for open revolt against the government of King Abdullah, whose reforms have eased life for the Sunni kingdom's Shi'ite population.


Saudi Arabia and other oil rich Arab countries are reported to be working on a 'Marshall Plan' of economic development in their less prosperous neighbors in an effort to quell populist anger and contain instability.


The Middle East and North Africa (SatImages)"Anything that happens in [Oman and Bahrain] will have a huge impact on the other Gulf states," said Mustafa Alani, a regional analyst at the Gulf Research Centre in Dubai, adding that Gulf officials "believe that the political demands could be placed under control if the economic demands are met. (But) throwing money at the problem is not a long-term solution. It's a way to calm the storm rather than deal with the root cause of the problem. But I don't know how long this kind of policy can work."


Governments in other Arab countries had varying degrees of success on Friday as they continued their own efforts at dealing with their citizens' dissatisfaction.

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