Israel ja NATO selventävään turvallisuussopimukseen

Sopimuksen mukaan Israel voi osallistua liittoutuneiden puolustusohjelmiin ja dataan. Sopimus solmittiin 23.4.2001 , vuoden 1997 solmittujen suhteiden pohjalta. Israelin edustaja lausui mm.: Israel haluaa työskennellä yhdessä NATO:n kanssa kaikilla alueilla, mutta erityisesti ohjuspuolustuksessa.

Israel, NATO sign security clearance accord

Weekend News Today
Lead: Kelly
Middle East Newsline

Sun Jul 1,2001 -- Israel and NATO have signed a security clearance accord that would allow Israel to participate in defense programs with the alliance. Israeli and NATO officials said the accord was signed on April 23 and allows Israeli access to NATO military programs and data. Israel and NATO established formal relations in 1997 as part of the alliance's dialogue with six Mediterranean countries.

"Israel is the most active member in the dialogue and would like to upgrade our relations with NATO," said Col. Uri Naaman, the coordinator of Israeli relations with NATO and European security organizations, said. "For a long time, NATO said 'We can't talk to you because the issues are classified.' So, we asked for clearance. We hope this [accord] will upgrade our relations."

Naaman said Israel wants to cooperate with NATO in all areas, but particularly in missile defense. He said Israel has offered to work with the alliance's new weapons of mass destruction center. Michael Ruehle, head of NATO policy planning and speechwriting department, said the alliance plans to draft a missile defense architecture. He told a seminar on Israel and European security at Bar-Ilan University outside Tel Aviv last week that the focus would be on Middle East missile threats. But Ruehle acknowledged that the alliance's priority is bolstering relations with the European Union and would avoid significant engagement in the Middle East. He said this would include proposals for NATO cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council.