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Kymmenettuhannet vaativat:"Arafat on tuhottava."

Mielenosoittajat vaativat keskiviikkoiltana hallitusta lopettamaan iskuistapidättymisen Arafatia ja palestiinalaisjoukkoja vastaan. Tapahtuma oli Jerusalemin keskustan aukiolla, nimeltä Kikar Zion. Äänekkäimmin vaatimuksensa esittivät siirtokuntalaiset, joiden elämä on sietämättömän epävarmaa.

Samanaikaisesti 15.000 osallistui Itkumuurilla rukoustapahtumaan, jossa rukoiltiin Arafatin tuhoutumista ja selkkauksen loppumista.

Kommentti: Näyttää siltä, että Israel on jo nyt "Jaakobin ahdistuksen" tapahtumissa. Raamattu tuntee juuri tämän termin ja sillä tarkoitetaan nimenomaan lopun aikoina tapahtuvaa tapahtumien vyöryä Israelin kohdalla. Lopputuloksena on Jeesus-Messiaan väliintulo pelastamaan oman kansansa lopulliselta tuholta. Elämme mielenkiintoisessa historian murrosvaiheessa, jossa kaikki tulee muutoksen alaiseksi. Alkaa Jumalan Valtakunnan aika maan päällä.


'Arafat must be defeated,' protesters demand
By Margot Dudkevitch

JERUSALEM (June 7) - Tens of thousands attended an "Arafat must be defeated" demonstration in Jerusalem's Kikar Zion last night and called on Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the government to put an end to the policy of restraint and declare Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat a terrorist.

Three Israeli civilians from Halamish were wounded late last night when shots were fired by Palestinian gunmen at their car near Neveh Yair, near Ramallah.

Moshe Bahagon and Eli Marciano sustained moderate wounds, while Bahagon's son, Haim, was lightly wounded. They were taken to Sheba Hospital at Tel Hashomer.

The three were returning from the coast when the terrorists opened fire with Kalashnikov assault rifles before fleeing in the direction of Ramallah, police said.

At the same time, five-month old Yehuda Shoham, who was critically wounded in the head by a stone thrown at his parents' car on Tuesday night, continued to battle for his life. He remains unconscious and connected to a respirator at Hadassah-University Hospital in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem.

His father, Benny, said a decision was made to add Haim to his son's name, hoping it would give him life. He has suffered brain damage, he said, but his doctors said "there is always hope."

Prof. Kalman Goitein, who heads the team treating him, said his condition did not improve yesterday.

Leaders of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip warned that if the government does not act, they fear the situation may spin out of control, forcing residents to take the law into their own hands.

"I fear we are close to reaching the situation where we may lose control," said Rabbi Ya'acov Libi of Shilo, where the Shohams live. "People are no longer willing to sit at home and ignore the deteriorating security. I assure you we will remain strong and determined, and we will build new outposts and encampments on the hilltops and strengthen our presence.

"I call on the government to examine who our neighbors are and their high morals that allow them to target youths in discos and innocent babies."

Residents of the territories expressed anger and disbelief when, despite Shoham's injury, Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer agreed to ease restrictions imposed on the Palestinians.

Last night, Maj.-Gen. Ya'acov Orr, coordinator of activities in the territories, met with PA Minister of Civil Affairs Jamil Tarifi and informed him that Palestinians with US citizenship who have requested to travel to the US will be allowed to depart via Ben-Gurion Airport. In addition, he granted a request to allow Palestinians to take their matriculation exams at schools, holding facilities, and prisons in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem. Orr's decision was made in consultation with the General Security Service.

Shots were also fired last night from a passing car at the encampment set up at the site where Gilad Zar was murdered last week, and a grenade was thrown at soldiers deployed on the Egyptian border.

Yesterday, the IDF took over the rooftop of a home in Sawiya that overlooks the site where Shoham was wounded and, according to Jewish residents, from which the stones were thrown. The home belongs to Maslah Said, who lives there with his wife and 12 children.

Clashes broke out in the area for several hours after 300 residents of Eli, Shilo, and Ma'aleh Levona demonstrated there over the deteriorating security situation and were stoned by villagers. Groups of demonstrators then entered Sawiya and Lubin a-Sharkiya and damaged buildings and classrooms, and set fire to agricultural plots and uprooted trees. During the confrontation, some took over the rooftop of Said's home and pitched a tent and hoisted an Israeli flag.

Judea and Samaria police spokesman Rafi Yafe said one border policeman was lightly injured in the face, and police apprehended three demonstrators, two of whom were later released, and the third - suspected of firing his gun - was detained for questioning. More arrests are imminent, he said, noting that police had filmed the entire affair.

Hassan Ayoub, of the PLO executive committee in Nablus, told The Jerusalem Post that nine Palestinians were injured. "The IDF imposed a curfew on both villages," he said. "I am not optimistic; the situation is dangerous; the closure and tight blockade on our villages and towns is pushing people to violence."

Rabbi Libi confirmed that some of the protesters had damaged property in the village. "We intended to protest quietly," he said, "but when the Palestinians began stoning us, some of the residents - due to the pain and frustration they feel - refused to ignore the actions of the villagers.

"Throughout the past months, confronted with the constant shooting and terror attacks, the Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza have acted with exemplary restraint. However people are outraged over the situation. We are forced to live a lie. On one hand the government announces a cease-fire and the easing up of restrictions, while suicide bombs go off in Tel Aviv and we continue to bury victims of shooting attacks on our roads and pray for a five-month-old baby. It appears our leadership is blind or fails to see the real picture."

In Hebron, Jewish residents clashed with Palestinians. Soldiers and border policemen dispersed them. Last night, residents of Tapuah blocked the nearby junction to Palestinian vehicles and burned tires to protest against the deteriorating security situation.

(Judy Siegel contributed to this report.)